Cristina Villaruel
Block 5, NERO Street
Cybergreen, Brgy Santiago
General Trias, Cavite, Philippines
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Tintin’s Gourmet

I am Cristina or you can call me Tintin (my childhood nickname). I am currently working as a Senior UX Designer and Developer. I started to like cooking when I was growing up seeing my brother cooking. He’s a Chef and I usually his sous-chef and also learning. When I was in college, I wanted to apply for Hotel and Management course but that time, the block was full and the only thing that still have slot was Information Technology, so I have no choice but to enroll that. Well, I learned and like it aswell. I love my job now than ever but still, I love more cooking everyday.

I often get this question during job interviews in the past. They will ask why I chose this profession, I said nope, I didn’t choose it, it just happened. Then I tell them my story and they just simply laugh about it.

The next question was always, “Then how will you incorporate your cooking skills in your current position”.

I always answer this.
“Cooking is quite the same as Designing a User Experience and Interface. You have colors, you have to be precise. If you put too much ingredients in your dish, it will taste bad same as If you’re designing a software. If you over engineer it, the user will have a hard time using your software.” Then I get a nicest smile in the room. 🙂

Both worlds are great and I am lucky to have these passion.

I hope you’ll like all my recipes and join me in my journey pursuing this side of my dream.